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Choosing a Web Designer

Years ago, it was easy to choose a web designer because there weren’t many. But web designers are now as common as websites , and hiring the right one has also turned way more challenging.

If you’re looking for someone to build you a website, here are tips to help you out:

Check their website.

How do you find the designer’s website? Appearance does not define a website, but it sure counts, especially for making great first impressions. You can never please everybody, but when you like your site’s aesthetics, you become more confident about your web presence.

Go over their portfolio.

Looking at your prospective designer’s website gives you clues about their creativity and skills. When you look at their portfolio, you get a feel of their versatility. Go with a designer that can make you a unique website, instead of just another version or spin-off of their previous projects.

Appraise the knowledge of their sales representative.

While a web design company’s salesperson need not be a designer himself, he should be articulate enough to explain their services, as well as the solutions that can resolve your issues. If you’re not too techy yourself, loop in your IT department for help.

Read through their story.

It’s not that web designers like to deceive their potential clients, but if you’re talking about your needs and how they can meet those, you just need to ask yourself, “Do I think they’re being honest and fair?” Whatever they talk to you about, whether it’s the project cost, the timeline, their expertise, etc., remember that everything should add up in the end. Your instincts are usually accurate.

Know the team.

Salespeople can be nice and fun, but it’s the programmers who are doing all the work, so you need to learn more about them. And what you need to know about them first is whether they’re full-time on the job or part-time. You have to be sure they will be available when you need something fixed.

Ask who will own the code.

This is critical. Once the project is done, you have to own not just the website but the code that makes it work. Otherwise, just find another designer. There are many out there, so you don’t need to worry about options.

In the web design industry, the old adage that you get what you pay for, definitely applies. Although there is no such thing as a checklist or hard and fast rules to finding a good web designer, these tips can help steer you on the right path. In any case, consider at least two companies or three, and compare their services, rates and reputation before making your final choice.

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